Spiritual Growth Path

Everything created by God is designed to grow. Spiritual growth is becoming more like Jesus Christ. Spiritual growth is basic to the life of a believer, just as physical growth is basic to the life of any person.

To truly experience spiritual growth, we should completely desire to worship Jesus making Him the centre of our lives, allow the Holy Spirit to do the work as He pleases, placing our focus on studying the Word and prayer.

The path to spiritual growth requires becoming engaged in the practice of the following:

    • Increasing in our knowledge and understanding of God’s Word
    • Increasing in our practice of Christ-like qualities, which include walking in the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit and prayer
    • Increasing in our faith and trust in God
    • Increasing in our understanding and practice of Worship
  • Decreasing in our frequency and severity of sin

At St Thomas’, we have a variety of ways to help you. Maybe you’d like to meet with one of our ministers on a one-to-one basis. Maybe our counsellor may be more appropriate or just come along to one of our Sunday services where there are people who are able to talk with you. Wherever you are on your journey, we would love to see you at St Thomas’